Thursday, September 03, 2009

memes, memes, memes,

Richard Dawkins, until recently the Professor for Public Understanding of Science coined the word 'meme' in his 1976 book "The Selfish Gene". Memes are ideas, symbols, pieces of culture or behaviors that are passed from on person to another. They change over time and are exposed to and respond to evolutionary pressures or selection processes in a very similar way to biological organisms. Memes, like specie, enjoy a brief flash of existence before their flame dwindles and fades, extinguished by the forever of extinction. This gossamer insubstantiality of this particular meme has long lost its spark and it's short twilight is rapidly fading to entropic heat death .

The thrust of this meme seems to be to uplift each other with mutual back patting and warm words of praise.


The blogs I read daily are over there, on the right -->
You are all [insert preferred word of praise]

But this is my selfish little blog, not yours, I don't care about you. It's all about me me meee.

Blogs I read because --> I <-- find them inspirational:

Science Blogs Science is my religion.
Astronomy Picture of the Day The universe my cathedral
Science News Science is the lens through which I see the world, is the way I understand myself and my motivations
Labia Lounge For the most part those motivations are simple
Fellatio Faces and urgent
Guess her Muff What could be more inspirational than a guessing competition blog devoted to female genital hairstyle?
Sextre Other than Blogs devoted to girls posting pictures of themselves of course. Except they never seem to get the lighting right tho'
The Light Erotic That's better. It does seem to take a professional...
Princess Diaries Speaking of which; Girls with my drive and kink are pretty much either fantasy or professional.
Pat and Pat's a pro at fantasy.

Special mentions also go to: this is why


xl said...

I would like to nominate as an honorable mention at the very least. I found that one due to your post with the sparks/nude pix.

PS: I will inspect the other links you have thoughtfully provided.

Memphis Steve said...

Wasn't Richard Dawkins the host of "Family Feud" for years and years? He was a funny guy.

OK, I'm clicking and bookmarking as fast as I can. See, one of the reasons I gave you that award was for just this sort of thing!

Ute said...

The Light Erotic is awesome... my kinda photography. mmmhhhmmmm.

Guess her muff- have been there, but what shits me is how many negative comments there are. very much like

"Ew, wouldn't fuck that if you pushed me to it.." Well, I am guessing she wouldn't fuck you anyway mr loser, and flick out your wang and lets rate that ugly fucker and see how you like being made fun of, hmmm? *end rant*

oh, how very appropriate... wv= menicu(men i see you)

Anonymous said...

I love giving head but I'm not wearing all that make up when I do it.....just a point of interest...

Anonymous said...

I have four days off without the kids so I'll have some time to look up rude and interesting sites without interruption.
I hope the dog doesn't get offended :)

Spiky Zora Jones said...

I can't see these sites here...I'll have to wait till I get my arse home. Till then I'll sit here alone in my sorrow...oh boo!

If there are pics of you naked...I'm having a fucking orgasm. You do that to me...hehehe.

I love how you write honey.

Wish I was there this weekend honey.

Flowers said...

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