Thursday, October 08, 2009

Guess Her Muff hits 1000 posts

That's a lot of muff



Ute said...

That's some nasty smoo right thar....

pitty penis secret hasn't had that many posts. =D

xl said...

#1000 was multiple choice!

EmmaK said...

the Q&A section didn't really answer the question of What is the point of this site?

The only point i can draw from it is I am amazed that there are still women out there who have those huge hairy muffs. I suppose some women are not slaves to pubic fashion

unique_stephen said...

Ute > Don't blame me, I've contributed more than my share.

XL > I like to be in the all too rare position or making that choice.

EmmaK > I love a smooth vag. So much more appealing. For that we can thank porn - the wall paper of life.