Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Slug love

On the neighbours wall

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Ol skool

I went to Warrawee Public School way back in the 70s' About a year ago I was driving past on some errand or another and pulled over, jumped the fence and sat on some of the old seats that I used to sit on at lunch when I was 6 or so.

I have few really clear memories from childhood, one of them is sitting on those seats, paper bag containing a carrot, Vegemite sandwich, a block of cheese and a packet of chips in hand wondering what I would look like 'when I was a man'. I remember what I was wearing, what the bark chips and dirt underfoot smelt like, the feel of the waxed paper wrapping. I remember who was next to me, and what other kids were doing, I remember how I felt. I remember staring at my knees and trying to make a photo in my brain that I would be able to see when I was a man. To know me now.

So I sat there on what looked to be the same wooden seats thinking about the life that stretches back. Back to that same seat, a third of a century ago. Of just how unimaginable life is to a kid and I want to ruffle the young me's head and tell him that it's pretty good. Don't worry so much, Oh, and you probably shouldn't put all the lizards and cicadas in Mrs Woolstencroft's draw because you will get the cain.