Monday, November 28, 2011

91km Bike Ride.

Starting from Marsfield at 6:30 AM

- Down to Browns Water Hole

- Kissing Point Road

- North Turramurra

- Bobbin Head, a big gorge with a 4km climb out

- Suburban roads to Galston

- Gaslton Gorge, a big gorge with a steep 4km climb out

- around the back of Dural

- Down to Berowa Waters, my top speed on a bike ever down the hill, but as with all hills you ride down ...

- Cross the river on the car ferry and then up up up out of the gorge.

- Back to Bobbin Head (via Mt Kur-ring-gai and Mt Colah just for laughs)

- Bobbin Head gorge again this time in the other direction.

- Back through North Turramurra - Kissing Point Road

Its the first big ride I have done in decades, and I did it on a mountain bike - with knobbly tires. Only the second time I have used cleats - the one other time was in the gym on a stationary bike. I ate like a horse about half way through, drank 4 liters of water and finished about 2kg lighter than when I started so I must have sweated 6L. Average speed was around 21 kph, 11 on the climbs. Total vertical was about 1km. The trip home from Turramurra was slow and my legs felt like wood. I was so exhausted I was swearing under my breath with every pedal stroke.

I still had to mow the lawn and do the gardening when I got home.

I slept well.

Today my bum, or rather the inside of my upper thighs is a little sore, as are my hamstrings behind my knee. Other than that I feel like I could do it again.