Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Natural Disaster Levy

The poor cunts in Queensland: the paper today says don't panic if your roof blows off. WTF? I think that you are entitled to a tincey tiny little panic if your fucking roof blows off. Keep a raincoat handy - It's a fucking cat 5 cyclone. You'll need something a little more prophylactic to keep the rain off than a rain coat. Hide in the toilet they say - sensible advise at least - you can bet that if I was in the path of cat 5 cyclone that was taking my roof off I'd need a visit to the loo.

Now these pricks that are contesting Julia's Flood Levi should pull their right wing heads in. Me - I'd be happy to contribute to a permanent Natural Disaster Levy to help rebuild and recover from fire, flood etc - to buy rescue equipment and rebuild national infrastructure. Not to be used to insure against marginal or unsafe development and protect people from the stupid but to be used in ways that help all of us or a whole region.

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Current temp: 40.7°C

I know, I'm a soft city boy now, gone are the days of working as a geo out in the Western Desert where it was routinely 47 and occasionally it would touch 50 C yet you still put in a solid days work. But these days steeping out from the aircon into 40 something heat is stunning. It is an experience that is hard to describe - it's not like a sauna that you can get out of - everywhere you turn it is that same heat.
I'm looking at some photos a blog friend send me (thanks btw) of a backyard covered in snow that I want to fall into and spend all day making snow angels.

I'm limping a little, damaged by a surf session on Sunday at Avalon, where I got brutalised by the cyclone swell from the last storm that crosses the Qld coast. As I write this I'm playing my tongue across the chips in my teeth earned by being stupid enough not to close my mouth when I got barreled playing beyond my ability.

Meanwhile Yasi is knocking on the Queensland doorstep. This bastard is bigger than NSW:

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