Thursday, January 28, 2010

Dinner, Surfing and Tennis

I apologise for being a slack-arse and not getting back to all your comments. I'm down south with my dad at the mo and it just doesn't seem right to go hide in the study and surf the net when I can talk to him and surf the point.
I'll get back to you all in a few days.
Watching the tennis more closely this year as we are going to see both the men's and women's finals over the weekend.
Anyways - got to go - leaving in 5 to take dad out to the slap up Chinese down the coast at Bodella. Then flying out tomorrow to Melbourn to catch the women's finals.
I'll 'av a spring roll for ya.

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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Australia Day

Today's Australia Day.

It has been aptly spent fishing and surfing and it's nt even 11:30 in the morning yet.
Went out on the boat with Pat last night and again at sparrows fart this morning and managed to land a large flat head and a few fighting taylor. With salad in a light beer batter I'm go'na 'av 'em for lunch on the deck.
Don't have my board here this time so I went out body surfing and mixed it with the surfers in a pumping 2m swell. Caught some crazy waves. The sea mist kept coming in making for an eerie ambiance. Foggy grey-yellow clouds hugged and swirled around the crystal clear waves. We were out 60m or so, far enough that with the misty you couldn't see the shore or sometimes even the other surfers around you. Out from the mist you'd see the dark green face of a wave and with a few strokes and a kick of the fins you'd be set - carving down the face of one, fast enough that I was wholly skipping across the face. 10 seconds or so later they'd fatten out in the channel and you could either kick to stay on or give it up and ride the rip back out.
Beaut rides.

This arvo I recon I'll go out for another fish with Pat. See what we can catch. I think mum's got a rack of lamb for the barbie tho so no drama if we don't manage much.

Dad's ok - he's mostly sitting around the house as the large skin cancer he had cut from his face yesterday is giving him a bit of trouble today.

's Australia day - so 'av a good one ay!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Body swap

As an extension to my response to Smacks latest post I considered what I would do to help her out of a predicament were I able to take control of her body. An oft used theme in movies. I pose the question. What would you do were you able to inhabit my or another blogger body - presumably one of the opposite sex?

Me: I'm taking Steph... woooh ho baby. First thing I'm doing is finding out where Spiky lives

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Dances With Smurfs.

Saw Dances With Smurfs last night. There was enough blue side boob to kindle within me a fetish for a naked 3 metre tall action hero Smurfet. The 3D WETA magic didn't quite suspend my disbelief enough to take plugging my hair into a botanical Internet seriously. The mood devise of the Celine Dion esque soundtrack was perhaps a bit too overt and the "saddle up, lock and load" catch phrase militarism never let you forget that this cowboys and indians flick, like everything else in the scifi genera is unapologetically aimed at pleasing low IQ American teenage males. But is was good. Three hrs of near total immersion in an alien landscape… perhaps not the best movie I have seen but certainly up three in the top few.
Now I need rishathra.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Taking a deep breath


OK, so, how to begin???
Had a shit of a Christmas but it was awesome... I think that just about covers it.
The kids had a great time - spent a week with mum and dad just down the south coast at Tuross in their amazing house on the lake. We then drove about 40 kays up the coast to the Family's beach house at Rosedale. Both amazing, breathtaking places on unspoiled beaches. We spent so much time in the water that despite my preference for neck to knee bathers, surf hats and sunnies I'm now supporting a fairly striking wetsuit tan.

Way sexy

I spent as much time with dad as I could and I'm going back down to see him again in a fortnight if he lasts that long. I was with him with the doctor when he outlined his prognosis. It was a brutal moment. In a half dozen careful compassionate professional words a life was ended. Treatment from here is to keep up the chemo to stop things running away but with his marrow now all but gone he's living on borrowed time - quite literally as he's getting by transfusion to transfusion. After each one he's got the energy to go for walks, go to trivia, bowls etc then after a few days he gets tired until the next transfusion. We're holding out for the miracle, for the door to open that tiny crack...

... more later

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Back - Start work tomorrow

Things are... moderate.
I'll be at work this week then back down to see dad again next week.