Thursday, September 08, 2005

Banksia blechnifolia

The blechnifolia (a rather pretty prostrate banksia) have just started flowering after a little over 18 months. They are in partial to full shade in very sandy soil - part native soil mix part sand and a little osmocote about 20cm thick over building rubble in a small raised garden. Of the three plants in the garden - the one that gets the most sun has flowered first but the other two plants look to have 2-3 flowers each. It’s taken about 5 weeks to grow from a tiny apical bud to an 8cm high cone that has not yet finished growing. Reading up about them on the web suggests that they prefer a drier environment but we have a drip water system in that delivers a slow drip for an hour once every other week and all the proteaceae are thriving.
I’ll post a few more photos as it grows.
The isopogons are goint to flower this year as well, should be very pretty.

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