Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Back pain?

Back pain? - Excruciating muscle cramps?
Been to Queansland? perhaps you've been stung by one of these:

Continuing with the jellyfish theam. These cute little Australians pack a punch. They even have their own syndrome named after them. The SMH reports that some people have been stung in Queansland over the last few dayz. I want to know if anybody has ever died from stings from the strange concentrations of blobs of purple jelly encountered surffing in Sid-en-nee beaches from time to time. One Bondi local caleld them purple people eaters. The are kind of like a blue bottle but with no air bladder and no tenticles. More of a concentrically ribbed transpearent disk with a ridge like sail and stinging purple edges.

The origional SMH article is here: Jellies attack Queansland
I put the whole text under the fold if it disappears.
update: they have now found a breeding ground collected venom and a few thousand embreos.


Four people have been stung by potentially deadly irukandji jellyfish off central Queensland within the last few days.

Surf Lifesaving Queensland's spokesman for the Wide Bay-Capricorn region Craig Holden said today the people were stung by the tiny jellyfish at Agnes Water beach, which has been closed as a precautionary measure.

Mr Holden said reopening the beach, which was closed following a similar jellyfish problem four years ago, would be considered as a day-to-day proposition.

"That was the one-off and we haven't had them since and haven't had them before that," he said.

Irukandji stings cause severe lower back pain, excruciating muscle cramps in legs, arms, abdomen and chest, and nausea, vomiting, headaches and palpitations.

They can also cause cardiac failure.

In 2002, two tourists - a Briton and an American - became the first recorded fatalities from irukandji stings after separate encounters in Far North Queensland.

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