Friday, March 10, 2006

The little rovers that could

The mars rovers are still going strong. There once was a time that when asked what I wanted to be when I grew up I'd reply that I wanted to be the first geologist on mars. That was about the time that I thought my favorite colour was ultra violet.
Sitting here looking* at these fantastic pictures is almost as good as being there (except you can breathe).

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The caption in part to the image linked to above reads:

The panoramic camera aboard NASA's Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity acquired this panorama of the 'Payson' outcrop on the western edge of 'Erebus' Crater during Opportunity's sol 744 (Feb. 26, 2006). From this vicinity at the northern end of the outcrop, layered rocks are observed in the crater wall, which is about 1 meters (3.3 feet) thick. The view also shows rocks disrupted by the crater-forming impact event and subjected to erosion over time.

images and text from here, text from 07-Mar-2006

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Erin said...

The rovers are fairly amazing, aren't they? I used to work with a guy who'd worked on desigining their navigational system. Our university up here still has a lot to do with the rovers and the data that they're sending back.