Tuesday, May 23, 2006

What is it with the Japanese and raw eggs?


naridu said...

I can't believe they went to all that effort for 'egg on noodles'. No what I really can't believe I sat mesmerised for 6.5 mintues watching it unfold. Weird, yet kinda cool.

unique_stephen said...

I firmly believe that when the aliens come down they will be as familiar as a twin brother compared to the Japanese.

Anonymous said...

this video was a ruben goldberg something thing its a event even in america that requires u to use simple machinese in a chain to do something and in this case its a machine where u do a egg on noodles so its nuthign wrong wih it for bastards thinking japanese ppl go all that for noodles

unique_stephen said...

Thanks Anon,
I'm not at all curious as to how much the Japanese like noodles.
I am curious however as to why they like "raw eggs", girls in school uniforms, kitsch (ka-wai-ieh) fluffy animals, nekid public bathing, humiliating women and henti.

If someone showed me a cartoon of a school girl in a car with hello kitty car seats eating a raw egg about to be forced to go to a naked public bath what culture would it have come from?