Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Sick kidlets

After learning of my almost certain retrenchment from what I think is a pretty good job, most of last week passed in an unmotivated blur. I'm probably a bit depressed but I'll get over myself.
Then on Sunday I noticed Annalise - the three year old, had a temperature and was complaining of a sore belly which was quickly followed by -- well, lets leave out the details shall we. I had to take Monday off to look after her; you can't send them to school when they need to be put on the toilet every half hour. Turns out it's tonsillitis. She didn't have a temperature on Tuesday but she was still sick. We normally have a carer - one of the great aunts, but she couldn't really look after Adrian and Annalise with Annalise needing that much attention. All seamed good Tuesday evening until I picked up Adrian from the floor and he was burning. Temp of 38.6° on the skin on his back (you try sticking a thermometer under a wriggling toddlers arm pit). So it's Wednesday now. I'm still not back at work and I have another sick kid to look after.
The same think is happening to the cousins.


Kitty said...

oh noes! poor kidlets, that is no fun.


Leesha said...

why don't you consider opening a child care place??

LauraDanielleDotN said...

shanti virus?

so does annalise get to have her tonsils out and eat ice cream for a week?

unique_stephen said...

leesha > I'd kill em. I don't think that I have the constitution for it.

laura > more like shiti virus

no, we'll just fill her so full of drugs she will turn into a penicillin mould

jennifer starfall said...

i'm sorry your children are disgusting. i'm sure they'll be adorable again at some point in the future.

i could send you my secret recipe for chicken soup (passed down through the ages from jew to jew).

unique_stephen said...

Jen, I would love your secret recipe. Do I need to study Kabbalah to make it? is the recipe in Hebrew? Does it date back to Noah, and if so it cant be that good or he would have made the soup himself and there would be no more chickens??

LauraDanielleDotN said...

I think you mean Matzo ball soup, Jen. Oy.

I have no fucking clue what the word verification is.

unique_stephen said...

mmm Matzo ball soup.

Do they sink or float?

LauraDanielleDotN said...

Excellent question. I think Jen is more Jewish than me and thus, will probably know. Or I'll ask the interweb.
Dad Gone Mad has a good description of sinkers and floaters. So, apparently they do both.

Well, that was fun.