Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Back at work today

I've been looking after the kids but they went back to child care today, so daddy goes back to work.

276 emails

23 phone messages

15 days to recrute a Perl programmer / sys admin / web admin who lives and breaths LDAP

3 months of purchace orders to do (I really should have doen them last year)

1 new boss

1 less direct reports


phishez_rule said...

Nothing wrong with a poisonous snake.

Except they can kill you.

Apart from that they're ok.

phishez_rule said...

Pfft! My bad - that belongs in your newest post!

The comment I had for here was - "Heh. Its going to take as long as your break just to go through it all."

The screw up tends to take the edge off it.

Mike Bogle said...

Welcome back to the academic triangle :)

I don't think I know any Perl programmers. If any shining examples come to mind though I'll give them the low-down.

Can we expect regular postings now that your back on the chain gang?

LauraDanielleDotN said...

Welcome back to the world!

P.S. I'm really impressed that you picked up on my Aussie principle in my graduation video. You have a keen ear, sir.