Monday, June 29, 2009

Our neighbour

This little hole in the bottom of our garden is home to the worlds deadliest spider. Atrax robustus, the Sydney Funnel Web.
More than deserved of their bad rep - they are as aggressive as they are deadly. They don't run for cover when poked with a stick or when you put your foot in a boot left outside. There is an antivenin but I'm told the bites are excruciating. In the last two weeks I've found a few around the house (so we'll spray) but this one is home as it repairs the webbed burrow overnight if I disturb it.

Next weekend I'll dig up the hole for you. Should make a good you tube.


Ute said...

oh, looks like your grass needs aerating! ;)

we have trap door spiders here, but thankfully we don't have the funnel web.. do they travel?

Spiky Zora Jones said...

insects die...especially if they're deadly and in my garden or house. Things fall on shoes and brooms and fly swatters.

They go splat! I'll show them who's deadly. GRRRR!

That spider in the hole...would get lighter fluid and a match. If that doesn't m80 should do the trick.

that's the way I roll sweetie...bugs are creepy.

ciao honey xxx

xl said...

Read the wiki; those are some bad mofos! They do look like the tarantulas we have here.


De Campo said...

Just say the word and I’ll have an air strike inbound.

You may want wait to say the word until your safely at your in-laws.

Fusion said...

I'm with Spiky, that fella would be toast in my yard ASAP! Damn! Glad I didn't come across one of those while living down there...

Ms Smack said...

oh can't wait! BUT yes, wear big boots, long sleeves and gloves and I'd suggest that you do it with another bloke so that two eyes on where he goes to!

Can't wait! Be safe tho.