Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Mid hols report.

It's somewhat sureal to be surfing 5 hrs a day whilst the kids splash in the shallows whilst dad is back home slowly dying in his bed. The chemo knocks him out for most of the day so there is no point trying to spend time with him. His marrow is 80% cancer so there is no production of new red blood cells so he has no energy to get around.
There is hope... perhaps the new 6 thousand dollars a week drugs will help... who can say. The die have been rolled this one last time. If not he can't have more than a few weeks left.
Son has recovered brilliantly from his op and is having an awsome time down here. No photos yet as I'm on a dial up connection.

Me. The 20kg I've lost through the hundres of weights sesions I've packed into the last two years have not quite been enough to get me shreeding on the short board so I took my wallet into the surf shop and committed fassion suicide by buying a minny-mal... that is a longer more boyant board. Being nearly 40 it's about time to put the short bord away. I shoyuld have done it years ago. I've caught some amazing rides. It's 7 foot 7 inches and with my strenght I can push it around like a short board cracking turns off the lip and reentering over a closeout. Great fun.

We are leaving mum and dad's house tomorrow and heading up the coast a few klicks to the house at Rosedale. I'll take plenty of photos for you.

Stay well


Fusion said...

Sorry about your dad Steve, here's hoping the new meds can give him a little more time, esp if it can be good quality time. Can't imagine what it must be like, surreal fits quite well I'm sure.
All my best to your family.

Spiky Zora Jones said...

hi baby, I've missed you. I'm sending my best wishes your dads' way and to you too.

crossing my fingers wwonderul things happen for you and family.


phishez said...

Must be a bittersweet holiday for you, but you'll always remember it.

You, and your family, are in my thoughts.

xl said...

Sending every possible hope that your dad can find some relief in the new treatments.

Lana Banana said...

so very sorry to hear about your dad. am sending you warm, hopeful, happy thoughts.

be well.

Josh said...

So happy you are getting time with him.

Enjoy it, remember it.

Anonymous said...

Thinking of you, beautiful man.

De Campo said...

I’ve been thinking of your family the past couple weeks. Hope that all is as well as it can be.

Oh, and you’re going to be a glide addicted long boarder yet!

Memphis Steve said...

I'm really sorry to hear about your dad's condition. It can be agonizing to watch someone you love dying and know that you can't do much of anything to stop it.

I'm glad your boy is all better, though. That must be a huge relief.

It's freezing cold here with a winter storm advisory out for tonight. Meanwhile you are there in the land of golden beaches surfing like mad. I envy you.

And despite your best efforts to convert me to a Darwinian atheist I shall be praying for your dad. And you, too, Surfer Boy.

Steph said...

Don't quite know what to say. Thinking of you though.