Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Stuff white peopel like

So we recently joined a different $x$ club. Nothing against the old club, just that this new one is for people with bigger cars. The Toyota Land Cruser Club is the biggest in Oz, they do heaps of stuff and happen to own some great land not far out of Sydney. This should make it easier to get the kids used to camping without having to drive for-ev-ah to get out into the proper bush.

We joined a few months ago as provisional members but to become a full member you have to complete their driver training course. The theory section was last Monday and this weekend we head away for the practical. Two days of track driving and vehicle recovery.
I'm hoping too that we meet some like minded people. Memo too self - Don't be a know all kunt.

I just fitted an an awning to the alloy roof basket: the idea being to be able to quickly set up a rain or sun shelter for a brief stop or a big undercover area.

Overnight temps in Goulburn near to where we are going are dipping below freezing. Pack a warm jacket me thinks.


Lady Pants said...

My uncle (one of the one's i'm related to ;) ) and my aunty joined one of those clubs. They had a great time. Then they got into a weird swinging scene, and the my uncle ran of with his friend's wife. She comes to family christmas now and tries to make everyone forget she is a home-wrecker by being jovial and wearing an apron.

Just sayin'.

unique_stephen said...

I'm only interested in the not so weird swinging scene - I'm sure that sort of weird thing doesn't go in in the no so weird scene.

Just sayin'.

Lady Pants said...

if, on your 4x4 club adventures, you see a blowsy blonde approaching with her signature 'taco' dip and a ball gag, well, you know the drill.

You have been warned. Those clubs are a hot bed of suburban sin :)

PS the awning idea is totally awesome

unique_stephen said...

I shall take you a photo

Memphis Steve said...

I don't even know if we have clubs like that around here, but it sounds like a lot of fun. I know a few years ago Memphis had a club broken up by police that involved no Toyota Land Cruisers whatever, no trails or camping, and simply a large house where people went inside and quickly lost their clothing. The only club member that I knew was the ugliest man I have ever seen, so I had my doubts about the quality of people involved there. Lucky for you the people in Sydney seem to all be more attractive than most of the people in Memphis.

Spiky Zora Jones said...

hi baby, the last time I was around adangerous area and wild animals, I was at a club Hollywood...weeeee!

later sweets. xxx

xl said...

Nice tent thingy.

PS: Watch for dingos!