Thursday, July 01, 2010

Life's sometimes not quite what you expect..

I always wanted to be a great dad. Really actively involved with the kids, teaching, guiding them. I always thought that by being there that they would be great kids too.
I still think I am and that they are. Just perhaps not in the way I thought it would be.

The way it was imagined.The way it turned out
Happy school kids running to mum or dad's arms after school, over sized school bag bouncing from side to side.Parent: "come on, we have to go"
Parent: "come on, bring your drawing, you can finish it at home"
Parent: "If you don't come now [insert threat now]"
Child: "coming"
Parent: "Where's your school bag ?"
Happy kids eating eating a huge variety of nutritious food. No junk foodHaving to bring our own cheese to any sort of nibbles tpe get together because our kids will devour a block of brie and eat every olive in site, however when it comes to healthy foods one will eat one, perhaps two vegetables and the other will eat anything - but only ever half of what you put in front of her (except brie)
Happy kids playing togetherChild 1: "it's mine"
Child 2: "it's mine"
Child 2: "it's mine"
Child 1: "it's mine"
Happy kids happily doing what their parents askParent: "It's time to [insert task]."
Parent: "Come on, It's time to [insert task]."
Parent: "LISTEN !!!!, THIS IS THE LAST TIME, [insert demand] or [insert threat] ."

This is why I had a happy child at dinner last night, eating vegies, finishing all their food and not getting rice everywhere (strapped to their chair with two parents yelling).

Could be worse, I could end up on this list.


Mike from Adelaide said...

Small comfort I know, but we're all in the same boat - 13 year old daughter plus 9 year old son = complete bedlam and refusal to eat anything coloured.

Friday said...

I hear ya!!

BUT it could be worse! You could get arrested because of one of your kids...... It happened to ME!!

True story!


Lady Pants said...

You need to do me up a parenting flowchart...just in case i'm ever allowed to procreate...

white rabbit said...

Aren't olives healthy?

I'd have thought so...

Spiky Zora Jones said...

Steve baby, you need to attend my class "Negotiate the Impossible."

it works. Um and pay special attention on parts "Using Folksy Midwestern Charm" and "Using Alpha Dog Voice."

later babe.xx