Wednesday, September 22, 2010

What a month

Big things at work, big enough that my job is changing - in a good way - i'm just going to be very busy.
But that's on top of an already hectic schedule.

Fuck we are busy.

Normally between parents in law, two aunts, a sister & brother in law, my wife and I, we manage to get through the week with all the kids getting to and from school / day care, nobody starving, cloths washed and enough slack to do get a car serviced or arrange for a fridge to be repaired, pool pumps fixed etc.

This last few weeks between my wife going oversees for work here and there, sister / brother in law divorce, parents in law and aunt traveling for 6 weeks or so Everything is at a constant run. I'm particularly missing Maria (wife's aunt) who helps us with the heavy lifting of child care, school and laundry and tidying around the house mid week (what's so good about traveling to Egypt and Europe any way?). There are some really good things happening in life at the moment but I just don't feel I've got the time to really enjoy it all. Selfishly took some time last night, forgot to make a kids lunch this AM which blew out the already stretched morning schedule. Missing ideal trains, means have to start / leave work later therefore be back at home later.

I've also more than halved my drinking but it's been a bit bingy with all the 40ths and parties - perhaps I'm not sleeping so well.

Any way - don't expect much creative from me, I'm feeling a bit rushed.


Ute said...

Sounds like it's time to hire a nanny/babysitter/full time carer thingy.

Thought you'd been quiet..

Take care, and we'll all still be here...whenever you update next. :o)

unique_stephen said...

Au pair?


xl said...

Careful -- jail bait.

Spiky Zora Jones said...

see...that's was what I was doing. I was running myself to near no sleep and no...quiet time.

I've backed away from the dance/singing/performing thingy for a little bit. But damn I miss it...

Just get on a schedule and stay on it...sometimes you have to sacrifice a little sleep...buthgey, there's still WORK. Slepp a little there. hehehehe.

All in all I know you can do it cause you are a stud.

later honey. xxg

De Campo said...

Remember, hydration and sleep are a crutch.

Suck it up cupcake.

unique_stephen said...

XL > Do me baby - may the punishment fit the crime

SZJ > Thanx chick, Let me know if you want me to fill your in-box with more nudes.

DCBC > Awake is the new sleep

Memphis Steve said...

Hang on, you have a sister? How did I not know this?

So for your big birthday you are cutting back on your drinking? Isn't that a bit unAustralian? I don't know, you are probably healthier than me. Perhaps you know best. It just seems so terribly healthy and boring or something. What will you do for fun?

Spiky Zora Jones said...

hi baby: well box could use it.


Ms Smack said...

Jims Cleaning will clean a standard home for about $55 a fortnight. Get them in, pronto.

Look for a noticeboard close to your shops, home, for a teenager who wants to babysit. Do the kid a favour and hands off, but pay her well. Going rate is about $10 per hour for a teen. I charge $15 an hour for babysitting, (for real) and you can touch me, if you're a good boy.