Saturday, January 01, 2011

A bucket of prawns in the sun.

New Years Eve was spent with mum, Alex and the kids enjoying the tunes belted out by a local chick in the beer-garden under the country club. It has a casual beauty, sandwiched as it is between the bowling green and the golf club car-park it overlooks the ocean, dunes and lakes, kangaroos pause in a mob around the t-off just below the fence and a strong sea breeze brings a briny haze. A few locals are trying to make a go of a burger business, barbecuing up the scotch fillet stakes for filling the local fresh "still warm from the oven" focatcia style buns, the local market gardens providing the salad so fresh it still drips sap.

Entree is a bucket of prawns, literally. Enjoyed with a chilled sav blank and a Coopers or three.

It's a picturesque 3k walk back around the lake to mums house.

This is country.



phishez said...

Beautiful moment Steve.

However, I just got laid. <== WIN!

Ute said...

Love the pics...spehshly the last one.

@Phish- Fckn A! :o)))))) *thumbs up*

Anonymous said...

You're so very handsome.

unique_stephen said...

Phish > do tell.

Ute > not a bad view, considering it's just from the driveway.

Jen > aww thanks.

Bambam said...

Love the country... awesome.
All the best for 2011.

Robubble said...

Nice pic of you :)
Jealous of your NYeve. However spent a lovely night on Sydney Harbour at Woolwich.

Spiky Zora Jones said...

steve: Happy New Year handsome. kangaroos used to run free in the Hurst Castle property but the mountain lions found them quite tasty...and now there is no more.

later sweetie. I've missed you.

Indi said...

HNY ~ Glad you spent it with peeps you know n love and you were in a country known for the SHEEP!!....... er.K'roos too. You are rather dishy ..



Memphis Steve said...

I wish I was there.