Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Telemarketers - do-not-call register

Whilst I'm opposed to just about every move Jumping Johnnie H makes to become more like the U.S. I’d support this one.

As reported in The Age, Anna Burk, a Victorian ALP MP is campaigning for a national call register similar to the Do Not Call Registry in the United States. That’s an ace idea. Because if I can borrow from Rodney Rude - you know what I hate, you know what I hate, you know what I hate; I hate it when at 6pm after you’ve dragged yourself home from work and you’re feeding the baby and cooking dinner and some prick rings you up to tell about some special offer. I hate that. I either hang up, tell them I’ll just be a minute, I’m trying to feed a crying baby could they hold and just put the phone down to waste their time or I ask them for their home number so I can ring them at their home at say 7pm when they are just putting dinner on the table.

Johnnie, if you pull this one off, I promise I’ll put up one less “Not Happy John” sticker around the electorate.

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