Monday, February 13, 2006

Some prick nicked my stuff

Unfortunatly a similar thing happened to me as happened to The Other Guy. Namely, some prick nicked my stuff.
Broke into our garage by pealing and bending back a metal door, wrecking it so we can’t park in it. Apart from a junk computer worth zilch they nicked my bike. A red GT Palomar about 6 years old slick tires and new cassette style rear cluster. The thing is the back cluster on most bikes is now 9 speed and the cassette style is new, like a year or two old. You have to love your bike to bother looking for a 7 speed cassette with an extra high ratio at that, 9 on the smallest gear. I bet it’s the only GT with a new chain and that cassette style cluster in NSW. You park it at the Uni, at the local school, at the local shops, at the station – I see it - I’m watching for you prick. Replacement value was just about equal to the excess so it’s not worth the insurance.
It was my car tho’, it’s how I get to work. So a quick trip to the bike store over the weekend netted a nice new aluminium GT with disk breaks. Its MEGA. Does everything, even turns !!

The new bike

The damage

1 comment:

Keiran said...

Carry some bolt cutters with you! Just in case they chain it up when you find it.

Not at all practical - but very soothing revenge fantasy.

Oh, you don't realise? The bolt cutters are for their toes....