Wednesday, October 04, 2006

The wildflowers are out

Over the long weekend I managed to get in a ride through the National Park at our back door. Naturally Annalise came along for the ride.
We followed part of the great north walk north from Terry’s Creek up to Browns Waterhole then all the way through the fords and creek crossings up past Fox Valley to just below Thornleigh where there was a large fallen tree across the path that I could not pick the bike up over with her in the back. It’s a nice ride, if a little rocky and rough along some of the fire trail. Coming back we took the exit up the ridiculously steep hill to the Canoon Rd netball courts and back down Kissing Point Rd and down the long winding fire trail back into the park.

It’s probably the most challenging I’ve done on this new mountain bike. The handling is a little sloppy with a 12kg toddler on the back and some of the steeper hills are a tad more challenging but it is nice to be out getting some exercise.
Many of the wildflowers are out and after the rains we had a few weeks back its looking great.

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LauraDanielleDotN said...

My favorite things about this post: the use of maps, the toddler helmet, and the fact that it makes me want to come to Australia more than ever.