Monday, May 07, 2007

Living in a construction site

All the sewer pipes in our town house complex are being replaced as the old ones are so crap that some people are quite literally living in shit.
I'm on the body cooperate and have just come home from a - well lets say a 'robust' meeting trying to plan what happens next in trying to 'make good' the gardens, retaining walls, lights, paths and paving.
The work is being done with a small excavator and no effort has been spared to kill, crush and destroy any living thing in its path.
Services have faired no better with the phones having been cut, and the power and the water (twice). The photo above is of the main water pipe in the complex with a tractor sticking out of it as seen from my study window.
Annalise is kind of fond of the 'digger'.



Leesha said...

I have lived in a building site for the past 6 months, our builder decided to spare us from no phone or water though.

Sean said...

I can imagine the carnage the digger will have caused considering what it was like just to walk down the path to your place..

I bet Margaret is enjoying the first week in her new place :-)

Mark Lawrence said...

Did you ever worry that one of the houses would just tip over and fall into the hole(s)?

unique_stephen said...

Mark > what, like the excavator did this morning?

Thao Cantu said...

Yikes! Think of all the possible accidents: Falling debris, dangling wires, faulty scaffolds. Which is why I wouldn't really want to live near construction sites. And which is why you should’ve held those guys accountable. THEY should watch their step, since they are sharing space with other citizens.

Edith Hunter said...

It's important to obey warning signs in a construction site to avoid accidents. I'm sure workers are doing their best to avoid falling debris but there are chances that it just happens. If you've experienced accidents on your workplace, you better consult a reliable lawyer and talk about you legal rights as a victim.