Friday, August 10, 2007

Whats so unique about me

Alternate title, so why am I called Unique_Stephen and not Mr Wambenger

It's all kind of a non event really. I used to work as a code monkey for a software dev firm that opened an office down in rainy, cultured Melbourne. Because Alex was moving down there from Sydney for work for a few months I took up the opportunity to work in a slightly more senior role and drink Melbourne coffee. Being an IT firm we, of course, couldn't sort out our own IT and our internal mail kept falling over. The firm had the name "unique" in it's title so we all got hotmail accounts in the form unique_[Your Name Here] etc. to use for work.
And that's it really. After they retrenched my arse and closed the office I used the account for anything online that might attract spam in preference to my 'real' account.
No flash of creative inspiration, no searching through Latin dictionaries for fascinating unusual words (that was for the blog title) or geeky 'phiber optik' handle. Now it's like an old hat that fits to well and I can no longer tell if I've changed to fit the name or the name has changed to fit me.
if the hat fits ...
p.s. anybody called Wambenger deserves to die after a year of mating

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