Monday, October 08, 2007

the Wallabies are out

The only consolation being that at least the all blacks suffered a worse humiliation by being beaten by the French.


Sean said...

Gutted....totally gutted.

unique_stephen said...

I know.
Giant hangover on Sunday morning

Leesha said...

bad stuff comes in threes, so only good stuff should happen now.
(wallabies losing, AB's losing, Holden not winning)

jennifer starfall said...

was that english? what the fuck are you talking about? you aussies are friggin weird.

Leesha said...

Jen, we were speaking 'strine.....

unique_stephen said...


LauraDanielleDotN said...

eh? eh??

(oh, wait, that's Canadian.)


(no...still not speaking American)

dude, what?

(there we go)

unique_stephen said...

If I may translate

The context is the rugby as in union not league) world cup

-- union == rugby union, the game they play in heaven. The hard mans hard game. Makes gridiron look like a petting zoo.

-- Wallabies == the australian union team

-- AB's == all blacks, the kiwi team, the best team in the world, except in finals when they choooooooooak. This is what they look like

-- Holden == not ford.

-- England == a bunch of pansies who win through minking penalties and kicking field goals.

-- Johnny Wilkinson == captain pansie

-- strine == as in uh'strine

-- sright == 'strine for "I agree with you"

Laura, I have a kanok friend who says "ques que fuck". Now that's Canadian.