Friday, June 20, 2008

The older I get the better I was

I'll be out a here for more than a week, looking vainly for some of the white stuff.
In the mean time feel free to be mean to me about my looks/hair/gut/bleached hair/bald head etc. I've uploaded a bunch of nostalgic photos; some old black and whites mum gave me, some of my climbing days and, well heaps of random stuff. I'll organise it one day, but here it is on flickr for you.




phishez_rule said...

I won't be mean. Its not in my nature to be mean.

I mean, right now its in my nature to have vodka. Lots of vodka.

We're using nature as a euphemism for bloodstream right?

. said...

yer so cute. I gotta agree with you. The older (and more tied down, this growing belly really makes me feel tied down) i get the better i feel like i was. I really rely on my adventures to make me cool now... even though... not so cool... mostly i'm boring, worried, maternal, unhip... But once... once...

Mark Lawrence said...

Just a drive-by comment to say Tag! Oh, and Hi!

But I have to come back and say something about that buff and bald you.


Steph said...

Wow, your old man was a bit of alright.

babyoog said...

Very cute. I think my parents saved mostly naked butt photos, probably with the intention of showing them to future boyfriends. But that's just how they are. Sigh.

unique_stephen said...

Have another and comment on the photos - I put them up there to get a ribbing

Sea kayaking through Alaska with all that ice - I love those photos. That was out there. I look froward to doing it all again with my kids.

I will do it... one day. Think of something nasty. I thrive on it.

Way, thanks babe, I assume that you meant to add "the acorn never falls far from the tree" or does my photo at 13 mean you dont love me any more :-(

I didn't put thoes ones up because of the paedophile thing and the kids featuring so prominently on the blog,