Thursday, June 12, 2008

Pretending to be a man

Last weekend I got to pretend to be a man and play with power tools.

With my own two little hands (and copious assistance - actually he did most of the work - from brother in law, Diego) I built and attached a baseboard into the back of the $X$ and mounted a fridge slide for the car fridge.

Whoo wee - now I can have cold beer when I go camping.



Mike Bogle said...

Woah nice work, and nice car!

unique_stephen said...

I've been trawling DIY websites for beta on how to go about making draws. The hardest aspect is bolting them to the floor and getting a flat base

Mark Lawrence said...

Wow. And I thought a bag of ice in an esky was a good idea. Nice one.

unique_stephen said...

You still have to get the esky and if it 60kg of ice, beer and snags and you cant lift it you still have to partially unpack the car to get at it.

Diego said...

Nice photos, Steve!

Although you're too kind saying I did most of the work (I did not!). I thoroughly enjoyed building this with you; and I must admit, we did a darn good job. Have you managed to find those damn specialist bolts we need?

about the drawers, I seriously recommend you consider using the mechanism from Ikea shelving. Those bastards have spent a gazillion man0hours coming with elegant, simple, and - more importantly - child-proof designs for this shit, so why re-invent the wheel (or shall I say, the drawer)? Another weekend with some power tools and bits and pieces from Ikea, and we will have that drawer installed in no time. Trust me, it will be eeeeeeasssyyyy......

Just name the day and place


The Crazy Colombian

phishez_rule said...

I have NEVER heard of a fridge slide in a car. And I have friends hardcore into camping!

Where on earth did you get that idea.