Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Accents - what does yours sound like?

I'm grinning with pride listening to these guys. And the talking frogs aint bad either.


Ms Smack said...

lol @ 'fuckin' hell!'

funny as.

phishez said...

I love the Aussie accent. Its just made for swearing!

La Femme said...

What catch the old bloke would be.

I have a dodgy accent. I get told slightly English sometimes, but I don't know if it is really. I lived there for five years, but having studied law and worked in the courts I think that makes for a more neutral accent.

Cat said...

Oh sweet I had to listen a few times to really understand it - very cool!

Fusion said...

Great vids! I didn't have any problems following the accents, But I did run into a couple blokes I never could follow very well while living in Melbourne.

Kimba told me I sounded like Kermit the first time we talked, and even said I had an accent! I never knew that! heh heh

Spiky Zora Jones said...

What! I think these guys are like...the Okies Of Australia, huh?

I could make out most of the words but some eluded me.

I loved the frog video.


Laura said...

"Dad don't do it there!" I think this is the Australian version of where I live. I'm going to make a video of central pennsylvanian's accents and we can compare and contrast. I think those fireworks pretty much win, though.

unique_stephen said...

Ms Smack > Cracks me up.

Phishez > Good timing and drawn out swearing works well with the twang

La Femme > He's a crack ahy. Aparently I have a refined Sydney accent - I alwayse thought I sounded like a high pitched Cockney Kermit

Cat > I guess we get seppo TV here so we understand yank but you don't have the same advantage listening to us.

Fusion > Don't you speak bogan?

Spiky Zora Jones > "Okies" implies migrants - no? At any rate he's probably autochthonous but clearly has a rural drawl to his strine. Efenque has a strange relationship to their toads - I've a draft post on that put aside for a rainy day.

Laura > I would love to here your central pennsylvanian's accent.

Anonymous said...

Fucken hell I love this country.

Memphis Steve said...

That fireworks display reminds of this past July. I think I'd fit right in over there.

Here, here's one for you I think you'll enjoy.

xl said...

Mate, are those Bogans in the first vid?

Friday said...

I think I sound like Kim from Kath & Kim... Oh and I shop at Fountain Gate too. Sad, much?
BUT... i have spent some time living in Queensland and now I sound a bit like Im from Adelaide as I now say 'cuttla' instead of ' a couple of' and 'prolly' instead of 'probably'
Im just confused, but THIS country so rocks.

unique_stephen said...

Jen > ... and all who sail in her.

Memphis > The best bit is that fireworks are basically illegal here.
Try this

XL > They're more dinky-di Aussies than bogans per se. Bogans deliberately badge themselves in white trash gear such as trackie pants and a heavy metal t-shirt with a red checked flannie and a pair of thongs or uggs. These guys are more larrikins than bogans

unique_stephen said...

Friday > I love the FNQ drawl. It's so honest.