Tuesday, December 02, 2008


I have talked previously about what I do but if any of you out there look after websites or work in a uni for a living I thought you may be interested in the scale of online learning in a modern uni.
The graph above show hits per hour for an average day, at 4AM it plummets to nearly 300K hits but never much below that. We gets students logging in from all over the world. In one month alone we had 600k logins with an average stay of over an hour - that's over six hundred thousand hours of contact with the online learning system in one month. My staff took over 10k support calls and emails this year from academic staff alone. We podcast over 700 hrs of lectures a week. It has been a big year - I'm going to enjoy the xmass break - how about you.


fingers said...

I'll bet that 4am trough corresponds to a massive spike in online porn at the same time...

phishez said...

That's a pretty graph.

xl said...

Hey, what are those errors?

Cat said...

Wow increadible numbers - and this is online learning they are logged in to do? Very cool - the new world is fast appraoching - but I so love the classroom expierence.


Memphis Steve said...

Oh, I don't particularly enjoy supporting a 24x7 internet site. Do you get calls at 2 a.m. wanting you to fix it right now? I guess being the manager you have them call someone else, eh? I have been that 'someone else'. I hate those calls. To this day whenever I hear the generic Nokia ringtone my bloodpressure spikes and I jump out of my skin.

Fusion said...

No holiday break here, my life has been one big freaking break for the last two years in a way, I'm cracking down now and working on my business, er... when I'm not blogging that is. Have a great holiday though, sounds like you've earned it!

Anonymous said...

"My staff took over 10k support calls and emails this year from academic staff alone."

I hope all these people remember you at Christmas and give you a nice gift...or at least feel a little bit guilty the next time they curse you behind your back and call your IT support group "The Computer Nazis". I make it my business to thank the computer guy at my work. I feel bad for him. I heard him once try to explain the difference between the left and right mouse buttons to one of my coworkers. I thought to myself...these guys have unbelievable patience...or drink very heavily when they go home. Have a nice holiday!

cat said...

Does this mean you are on call

I would so hate getting at call at 3:00am for a stupid reason......Oh I would so go off.

It's very fortunate that you know what you are doing. I could never do what you do, that's why I do what I do.....UhMMMMMMM.

Good one.

unique_stephen said...

Fingers > We get some rather strange search terms in the logs

Phishz > Tnks

XL > Sorry mate, I'm 404 on that.

Cat > It is bigger than the uni.

Memphis > If they cant find anybody from the Ready A team I could get the call but it would be a last resort call - it has only happened once. My staff are not so lucky.

Fusion > planning on lots of beach this next few weeks.

Sweet > They tend to burn out fast.

Cat > we have lots of automated systems and a network operations center that kick in before I get a call.

Anonymous said...

I'm an online uni student too and I've done a LOT of 2am study on the computer (yes fingers, right before I cross on over to newbie nudes HAHAHA)

Ah, I hope you do get a good christmas break.