Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Le tour


Ute said...


love it!!!

sure, it's got lots of kitch, but oh man, what a lovely place...

love the big bay window..and the glorious gums in the back yard.

congratulations.. =)

De Campo said...


It definitely has a retro feel! I’m glad the last owner went to the retirement home thus freeing up the property.

Remember, lighting fixtures make a room.

Enjoying making the house A HOME!

xl said...

Thanks for the video tour. Lots of classic mid-century architectural details there. Congrats on the new home.

PS: Are those the kind of gum trees that Drop Bears live in?

Spiky Zora Jones said...

Hola Stephen,

c'est joli.

Fabulous place. me and your wife have something in common...I have the same curtains in the first entrance room. The ones your wife was putting up.

I think you and wife have the best accents...well for Americans to hear that is. Your little one...so cute...

Congrats Stephen...Enjoy sweetie. I'm so glad for you and family.

ciao sweetie.

unique_stephen said...

Ute > kitch we can sell on eBay, thanks babe.

DcBC > I've been walking around saying "lighting fixtures make a room" like it's a mantra.

XL > Saligna's are their preferred habitat.

SZJ > Meat curtains?

Anonymous said...

Don't change a single thing!!! Fabulous!
Congrats to you guys, there are few better feelings than kicking back on a Sunday arvo with a barbie and a beer, looking around your kingdom and thinking...it's aaaaaaalll mine.

Memphis Steve said...

It is blocked at my work. This must be YouTube. I'll have to visit when I get home, which I had meant to do yesterday, just like I had meant to leave this comment yesterday.

Anonymous said...

Peachy! I love your new place! Lots of work...but really what a peaceful home. I hope you make many wonderful memories with your family there!

And that triangular light fixture just cracks me up!

Post more videos as you go - will you?

Memphis Steve said...

Ah, at last I'm home and watching your fabulous video! Where were you when I was making my horrible movie for the Hamilton Island contest? I could've used someone with your skills.

I love the house. My mom has a pink bathroom like that - pink tile and all. Of course, it was a mistake by the builder back in 1962, or so they tell me, but you know they never swapped any of it out. I guess you'd say my parents were never handy. My wife would be setting up in that bay window for sure. She loves the light.

Maybe it's because I grew up in a house built in 1962, but I actually thought everything looked like home. I'm impressed that her entire family showed up to help. My family would wish me luck and leave it at that.

I know everyone has already said it, but I love the accent. And your daughter, with those big eyes staring up at the trees and complaining of being tired, SO cute!

One day I may be your neighbor. At the rate they're destroying our wealth over here, one day I maybe your lawn boy.

. said...

I think I've seen the sitcom that was filmed in your house back in the 70s.
Annalise has ENORMOUS eyes. Very beautiful.

unique_stephen said...

Jen > too late :-)

Memphis > Your work blocks 60's house pr0n !?!?

Sweet > Have several vids in the pipe

Memphis > Where was I ? = sleeping off my exhaustion. Don't let the eyes fool you.

. > All the better to hypnotise you with

Fusion said...

OMG, I'd be scarred for life using those bathrooms...

Beautiful house though. LOTS of handyman projects, ay? Like retiling the baths, new lighting, kitchen woodworking...

Shall I bring my tools over?