Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Moving ennui

Over it

Need an uninterrupted surf, a few Belgin beirs a massage and a movie or two.

And someone else to unpack


Ute said...

"Need someone else to unpack."

that's what rellies are for!

you should be used to it shouldn't you? weren't you a removalist at one stage?

unique_stephen said...

Yes, among about 10 or so other mundane jobs I had at uni. Having been a revivalist I consider that I have paid all my debts to society and then some, bought a bucket of absolution.

Relatives are like fish: good for about three days

Anonymous said...

Get the massage...you will feel 100% better!


Spiky Zora Jones said...

Stephen: I'll unpack for you...but I don't do windows.

Just saying...

Hey movies are good. Get the movie Twilight. Saw that about two weeks ago...it's awesome.

I love the Oregon.

Ciao honey.

Friday said...

cool house..
um, why doesnt my link update
i thought you had disappeared and i clicked on you for no good reason and here you are all updated and stuff...
im using no capitals or puctuation today... just so you know