Thursday, May 14, 2009

The international year of astronomy.

The further we have looked the more alone we find we are.


Memphis Steve said...

I feel this way all the time.

Oh wait, you're talking about the universe. Yes, well, everyone knows all the best parties on here on earth anyway.

Eostre said...

Don't really know that I'm with either side of the argument. I'm extraterrestrially agnostic.

Speaking of.. still haven't seen Sylar try to play Leonard Nimoy... er I mean Spock. This makes the baby Jesus cranky.

xl said...

I still consider Pluto a planet, no matter how those astrologers voted.

De Campo said...

You would really love my office. The government actually pays us to debate this.

Not to mention all the pay-per-view events we’re able to steal using our massive satellite dishes.

Spiky Zora Jones said...

Steven: Hi honey. Oh what the heck, everyone knows the farther we are away from the cluster, the safer we are.

No stars colliding or dwarf stars passing through our sun...making earth non-existent.

I'm sorry I voted against Pluto being a really isn't, ya know.

Pluto is Micky's dog. Woof. And all the fab parties are here on (UCLA) Westwood.

Ciao sweets.

Memphis Steve said...

You know, ever since they redefined Pluto to not be a planet and I began studying politics, I began to redefine what I consider to be intelligent life and have come to the conclusion that much of life on Earth is not exactly the intelligent, communicative kind either. I mean, sure there are lots of people throwing words together and flinging them out there in a sort of pseudo-communication, but if you search around you find that over half of those people are simply parroting things others have said, leaving us to wonder if these people actually know what the words they speak mean, or if they are just very good at repeating words and sounds. Perhaps we should look more closely at what we define as being 'intelligent life' on our own planet first and then worry about whether we're going to allow microbes to qualify later? Incidentally, I have some pond scum in my birdbath out back that keeps forming the word 'cunt' and I'm wondering if I have discovered a new form of intelligent life right here in Tennessee or maybe the birds are just messing with me?

Steph said...

Well I thought Pluto was a dog. Who knew??