Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Effect of going private on readership

Not an attention whore (I don't think) bust this is what going private does to your stats.

BTW, if you get a chance, go and see "Beautiful Kate"


xl said...

Is that good or bad? I'm not good with math.

De Campo said...

Am I reading that as 26 THOUSAND page views a month?! WTF Mate!

I get all giddy when I hit 60 a day…..

Ute said...

it's starting to go up again. have you noticed that?!

prolly my visits. i iz stalkerz...rawr! =p

Spiky Zora Jones said...

hum...where are your privates. :)

Friday said...

I am dying to see Beautiful Kate... I love Australian movies.

Yr last post with all the pics was great btw.


unique_stephen said...

XL > Neither, just an observation

DcBC > yeah, creepy hay.

Ute > must be the sex blogging

SZJ > On lone.

Fryday > As do I and thanks.

Memphis Steve said...

This is why I've been afraid to just go completely private, too.

B said...

it's a shame that when you go private the feed in google reader stops... cause i have a memory that a ickle bit patchy, and love all those private bloggers as I do, sometimes I just look at what is bouncing in front of me and forget to check the depths.


I shall say now then that I approve greatly of your feed returning to my inbox. :)

unique_stephen said...

Memphis > The scary thing is that people actually keep reading you - like a priovate dance at a strip club, talk about pressure to preform.

B > Your one of my fav blogger, I'd drink your bathwater. Private or otherwise.

B said...

awwwww! that's so lovely!