Sunday, August 30, 2009

What's in the jar?



Ute said...


Ewwwww... do not WANT!

was that one of those buggers from your back lawn?

Now, show us the squished version it.

B said...

rest assured, if I ever stalk you, I shall not be able to cross your lawn.

Ms Smack said...

Wow what a great speciman!

xl said...

So, that's what they make it out of!

De Campo said...


In other news, you made this veteran of two wars and numerous other conflicts jump back from his PC and shiver in fright.

For having such a cool country you sure have a load of nasty stuff running around.

unique_stephen said...

Ute > I'll do a bigger post on it but yes, there were at least 15 of them in a few square meters of our back yard. Swarming whit them you could almost say.

B > I wouldn't want to discourage your stalking - rest assured that if you ever decide to stalk me you can walk your snatch right up our driveway.

Ms Smack > The magpies sure appreciated them. This was one of the bigger ones but not the biggest. There was one that may have been a mouse spider that was much bigger and faster (but not faster than a magpie).

XL > Grandma's original recipe.

DCBC > Did you sequel just a little like a girl??

Anonymous said...

Holy Mother and the Jesuits.

When I saw this post I thought, 'oh clever Stephen, he's tried the new vegemite and he is going to tell us what ingredients are in the jar'


How on earth did you catch that thing?

Anonymous said...


ksm said...

And that friends, is what Vegemite is really made from!

That's how tough we Aussies really are.

Anonymous said...

Is it a male or female?

Did you donate it or any of the others to Gosford Reptile Park for milking?

All I gotta say is ICK. I can't believe you got close enough to jar the thing... *shudder*

Spiky Zora Jones said...

I don't have spiders etc in my back or front yard...they DIE if they invade my space.

If you find bugs in my yard , they are dead or gonna be dead critters.

Oh and, don't care for he stuff. I tasted it last years while I was there.

What did you do with that spider?

Ciao honey. xxx

unique_stephen said...

Kate > I just pushed it in with my (gloved) fingers

Jen > Did you know they feel all squishy when you give their bellies a gentle squeeze?

Keiran >
Lisa > See the fat back end - it's a girl, girls are fat. We fed them to the magpies (all 15 or so of them)

SZJ > We love our bugs but these are a little too toxic to have in the backyard where the kids play. Vegemite's great - just have to be sparing with how thick you spread it. Speaking of spreading it - I'm rather fond of vagina-might myself.

The magpies loved the spiders.

Anonymous said...

Just like me!!

Spiky Zora Jones said...

steve...hello. I'm GRRRREADY. I'll spread em...if you lick, me.

You are a bad boy...and damn I love bad boys.

Ro said...

Frankly, I was more concerned that the jar still contained Vegemite ;-)