Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I was thinking over the weekend how the events of youth can cast a long shadow into adulthood. Or if shadow is too negative a term, how strongly we are influenced by some of those now far distant events.
I had a nostalgic poke through dads old record collection - much as I used to… Who could forget discovering the Tull - Aqualung and Boure√©, Fleetwood Mac, Rodriguez floating in the bubble on the Cold Fact cover or floating away with Heikki's Suburbia Bus Tour ride. The warm fuzzy of finding the burnt hombre cover of "Nancy and Lee" . I remember lying on my bedroom floor listening to Lee Hazlewood trying to hit the high notes and tapping my finger to Jakson. Did anybody actually take off their cloths to Peter Starstedt?.
Probably feeling a bit sad about dad had me reaching back in time to happy childhood days and thinking just for a moment how my kids may never have the pleasure if flicking through my record collection - It's all on the iPod.
(p.s. - I was trying to do the iPod silhouette but you can't see the iPod headphone wires in the pic. FAIL)


xl said...

"take off their cloths"

Are you naked in the pix?

unique_stephen said...

Nope - Fully clothed
A pair of surf shorts and a rash vest

Memphis Steve said...

My dad's albums were all funky things like battle hymns and bagpipes and big band. He did have some wild red and blue albums that you could hold up to the light and see through, though. I think my dad marched to the beat of a different drummer, which probably caused him quite a bit of difficulty during the years he was at West Point.

How is your dad holding up, Stephen? And how are you holding up, for that matter?

Fusion said...

My parents were older, so there was quite a generation gap. They listened to big band music and such. They never understood my music choices.
I drove my kids crazy though, listening to everything they did. Still do...

unique_stephen said...

Memphis > I still love going through his stuff. He's very sick. Perhaps a few weeks tops but he was given two weeks at xmass so who knows.
It's a sad time.

Fusion > I can imagine my smile when I see my kids getting into golden oldies: Smashing Pumpkins

fifi said...

I have a garage full of Vinyl. please feel free.

I'm wondering, apropos your comment, if you have become addicted to the delightful nonsense that is Bondi rescue?

does your workplace have a T in the middle, as does mine?

I would send an email but I cannot see it here...

best wishes to you

unique_stephen said...

Fiif > I er, don't watch TV, so errr. No
I had to look it up on youtube.

work -> no T sry, I work at Club Mac

and thanks

Spiky Zora Jones said...

I haven't heard but two of them...but I like the others after hearing a sample of each.

that shadow...there's something missing.

I'll get back to you on that...

later sweets. xx

Memphis Steve said...

No wonder you get so much reading done! If I chunked my TV I could finish my books 10 times faster.

ksm said...

I had my Dad's album collection (along with huge amount of other junk) festering in my WPH garage for three years before I gave him an ultimatum. I fear many of them were warped by the time he picked them up.

Ever since he got that 100 CD stack player in the 90s he never looked back - although that is a far as he will probably get.

Ute said...

lol @ spiky... you dirtaaaaaay girl. ;o)

I had LPs. My very first record was Howard Jones. *shame*

Sadly I don't have them anymore. But I've got a shit load of cassette tapes!

*hugs* for you and yours at this difficult and sad time.


Indigo said...

I used to lie in the dark with no clothes on listening to Simon and Garfunkel...'Like a bridge over troubled water' was my favourite song... by the way infront of a fire... well it was cold with not a stitch on. As for my Dad's record collection, his are all classical music, and I still have him with us.

unique_stephen said...

SZJ > That missing element - perhaps it's hiding - Do you know a way to elicit a response - coax it out ?

Memphis > DO it. Your world will be much bigger. O - and go and see the opera Lakmé. Srsly

KSM > He was a bit of a kat tho', with his ghit-ar 'n all. bet he some gems in there. The warped vinyl jst gives an authentic feel to the wahr whar guitar.

Ute > Howard Jones - brings back memories of 80's faux pan flute sinth, bad hair, electric drums and berates.
What is love.... mmmmmm hidious. Love it.
Terry Pratchett has a theory that every cassette left in a car slowly becomes Queen - Greatest Hits.

Indigo > I agree - Nudding up is v. important to good musical appreciation

Anonymous said...

This post got me right in the heart.

Memphis Steve said...

Queen's Greatest Hits - that made me laugh. The only purchased cassette I ever had of an album was Queen's Greatest Hits. And it was always sliding around in the car somewhere.