Friday, February 19, 2010

Bloody good dinner


xl said...

Looks yummy. If you get a cooking show on TV call it "The Distracted Chef!"

Ute said...

Love a bloke who can cook!

And not just beans on toast!!! ;o))

Steph said...

You need your own reality show!

unique_stephen said...

XL > That's sort of what I was trying to point out - you can have kids crawling all over you and still cook something pretty special.

Ute > Can I get away with it if I call the B on T "Frijoles" ?

Steph > My version of reality is a little bent. Not sure it would make any sense.

Memphis Steve said...

Impressive! At the end there it looked like a nude cooking show what with everyone shirtless. Just how hot is it there right now?

Spiky Zora Jones said...

steve: your kids are so cute. i want to hug them.

Ah yes, a man that cooks is so sexy. hey...steph is right get a show going sweets.

later honey.

EmmaK said...

Great video...your voice reminds me of the crap manager Murray in Flight of the Conchords if you've seen it!! (yeah I know he was from NZ)

I did a bloody stupid cooking video here

phishez said...

OMFG! I love fresh swordfish. Its like nothing else.

I like your garden. I con only have a few pots. Since I've only got a balcony. I just ripped up my basil too, since it was at the end of its happy time.

Might go out now and plant some more seeds.

Lady Pants said...

holy crap dude, I think my ovaries just exploded. Damn the rapid and uninvited onset of my maternal instincts.

(I'd comment on the tea, but I only eat raw fish cause I have weird post-vegetarian flesh eating rules)