Thursday, May 20, 2010

Australian Customs will now search you for porn

Apparently Australian Customs can now search phones and computers for porn.

I'm going to declare that I'm carrying.

They can search me all they like - I hope they find my giant pornographic cock hidden in my pants.

Conroy is a fucking prick.


Ute said...


What are they going to do with it once they've found it? Watch it?

I mean, I can understand them wanting to stop kiddy porn, but what's wrong with normal healthy porn?

Lady Pants said...

We are meant to be behaving like good little minions and working ourselves into an early grave! Not enjoying ourselves sexually! Unless we are reproducing, of course! For the benefit of our great nation!

At least Abbott isn't in power (yet)... I'm pretty sure he will try to mandate the re-hymenization of all unmarried women.

xl said...

Our airport security folks don't have to ask for porn. They just watch the electronic strip-search screen and look at the naked passengers!

Ms Smack said...

What about sex toys?

unique_stephen said...

Ute > I'm not sure they have the hard drive capacity to go through my collection.

LP > I'm regularly contacted by head-hunters for various roles, rarely do the positions sound interesting, however that could be a good one. How do you suppose one applies to become a re-hymenization assessor?

XL > I've no problem nuding up for them - they can keep their fancy machines.

Smack > Why the concern? - you thinking about hiding in my suitcase?

Mistress L said...

Can't we not have our dirty little secrets? Have we no shame?!

ksm said...

The key here is to understand how Australian Customs works. Basically they work on the Catholic principle that "confession is good for the soul".

For instance when re-entering the country you have to declare whether or not you have any food. We normally buy a block of Australian chocolate for this purpose, declare we have food and when asked present the chocolate - at which point they wave us through. Believe it or not this is actually quicker than declaring nothing because then they want to search you!

How to adapt this strategy for porn?

emma said...

Total bullshit and makes my blood boil. Tired of Australia turning into a right wing police state, particularly when the ones with the most secrets are the ones in our government.

emma said...

although the word verification for that was 'codized' which sounds like a method by which they gather ip addresses. i'm probably on a list somewhere now. well that may be - you can take my freedom but you will never take my sex toys!!!

okay i might be a bit delirious.

unique_stephen said...

Mistress > Ohh you have secrets, dirty ones? - whisper them to me.

KSM > Just show them your camera - the pictures of your anaconda.

Emma > Anybody who visits my blog is on a list.