Monday, May 03, 2010

Last few weeks

The last few weeks since dad's death have been a bit up and down.
Thanks to my mates for coming to the funeral and all your support since.

but life goes on.
Particularly enjoying the last of the warm weather.


Anonymous said...

You look well.
I hope you're doing OK.
Feel what you need to, keep moving.
Here if you need something.


Ute said...

Well is an understatement! ;o)

I can't imagine what you are going through, but big hugs to you...{{{Hugs}}}

xl said...

Nice pix of you guys at the beach. Take care.

Lady Pants said...

Gosh your kids are cute!!!

I'm really sorry about your Dad. I read your speech this morning, sounds like you just lost a really awesome mate. But you are so lucky to have had such a great guy as your father.

Memphis Steve said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Memphis Steve said...

Sorry, I hate when I misspell stuff.

Good friends are an important part of life. Especially during the really rough parts. I can't say I had any friends close by to help me through when my dad died, but that's partly because I live so far from home now.

Good abs can be handy, too, you lucky bastard. Sorry, that was totally off the subject.

unique_stephen said...

Jen, Ute >


Xl > it's a lovely beach - I've written about Rosedale a few times.

LP > tnks - They must have stolen their good looks from their mother - I've still got mine.

Memphis > this is the last place in the world where your spellink will be counted against you - unless you use that crazy American spellink - in which case _'ll milk it for every last bit of humor I can.

Given the amount of exercise I do I'm annoyed I don't have a six pack
- possibly because my routine includes drinking one a week.

emma said...

glad you're doing well.
beautiful family.
and you are way hot.

unique_stephen said...

emma > it was the weather

emma said...

oh i know, that's what i meant.

Spiky Zora Jones said...

hey make beautiful kids. :0)

Anonymous said...

I am trying to be respectful.. but truly all I can think is 'US is a fox!'

[i remember when I was living my life recently fatherless.. I am sorry, Steve.. it gets easier.. in about 20 years.. I am sorry but that is the truth.]

Ms Smack said...

Great pics!