Thursday, December 02, 2010

A few days down at the beach house

We were going to go up to Fingle Bay for a friends 40th but the starter motor on the $x$ carked it and couldn't be replaced in time so instead we headed south to the beach house at Rosedale. We copped a fair bit of rain and a huge swell - and me w/o my board :-(
I made do with the old shark biscuit and managed to catch a few although the swell ended up being so big I was too tired to fight it and ended up missing even the easiest of waves. Photos for those inclined or with a fast connection are here else these ones are prolly the best:
I love the look on his face when I try to catch him
She smiles most of the time regardless.
Me on the esky lid

And finally a shaky cam of me not catching any waves - too busy watching the dolphins swimming past. The surf here was about 1m, through the day it built to over 3m of pounding crunching nastiness.


xl said...

Shark Biscuit, love it!

Ute said...

Looks great!

Who's horses/donkeys were they? Couple of the greys looked a bit too thin.

white rabbit said...

I'd never heard Shark Biscuit either. the only place I have aten shark was in Australia. Very okay in a bland sort of way it was too.

Bambam said...

Good times mate - and for white rabbit's benefit, the "shark biscuit" is the board he's on... as it looks like a cracker from down below... and Steve is the topping!

Spiky Zora Jones said...

I gave my surf board away...and picked up snow boarding instead.

plus I didn't want a shark to see me as a biscuit. Though I haven't been snowboarding in three plus years. Since pregnancy with the little guy.

later sweetie...fabulous video clips and your children are beautiful like their parents.

later sweetie. xxxx

Memphis Steve said...

It looks awesome!