Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Propper Car Wash


And other picks from our trip with the Toyota Landcruser Club out to the Wollondilly River via the tracks south east from Oberon.


Bambam said...

Great pics mate. Had a trip in the Vic High Country with Dad, my uncle, and my brother a few years ago. Dad was massively into 4WD, we caught trout, camped, etc... was fabulous!

xl said...

Great pix and looks like great fun!

I always enjoy seeing Oz pix.

Ms Smack said...



Ute said...

Beautiful country.

Would've loved to have flown through that creek! ;o)

WV- retart... a tart who is starting over?

unique_stephen said...

BamBam > I think it was my dad too who instilled love of country. We did some great trips together. Not sure how much you've caught up on me re. my past: I used to work as a geologist out in WA, spent years cruising really remote country. We've been slowly building up the truck over the last few years and now the kids are getting to an age where we can try some longer trips.

Xl > I enjoy taking them.

Smack > The Toyota Club are a tops crew, they really made it fun.

Ute > Indeed.

.. as a tart I presume.

unique_stephen said...

BamBam > Sorry, the point of that was that, yes, I like getting out bush too.

Spiky Zora Jones said...

I love camping out at a big hotel best, but a tent is fine too. hehehe.

great pics. Your kids are adorable.

Memphis Steve said...

I'm ashamed to admit that I have yet to wash my 4x4 that way, but I have washed it with a tornado before and it included having the water from the Mississippi River blown up over the roadway and onto me as I was attempting to drive through Alabama during the peak of the storm. Thank God for my big truck because I think my car might've been washed into the river on that day.

De Campo said...

I think you may have run over my carbon footprint.

Anonymous said...

Wow...your kids have grown!
So cute, as always!