Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Natural Disaster Levy

The poor cunts in Queensland: the paper today says don't panic if your roof blows off. WTF? I think that you are entitled to a tincey tiny little panic if your fucking roof blows off. Keep a raincoat handy - It's a fucking cat 5 cyclone. You'll need something a little more prophylactic to keep the rain off than a rain coat. Hide in the toilet they say - sensible advise at least - you can bet that if I was in the path of cat 5 cyclone that was taking my roof off I'd need a visit to the loo.

Now these pricks that are contesting Julia's Flood Levi should pull their right wing heads in. Me - I'd be happy to contribute to a permanent Natural Disaster Levy to help rebuild and recover from fire, flood etc - to buy rescue equipment and rebuild national infrastructure. Not to be used to insure against marginal or unsafe development and protect people from the stupid but to be used in ways that help all of us or a whole region.


Bambam said...

I completely agree with that, if they could actually put the money aside and not tamper with it... and charge every worker the same percentage.

How about a flat 1% rainy-day fund?

Anonymous said...

fuck off no levy and im not a right wing prick who needs their head pulled in.
The last thing we need is more gov dipping into our wallets. two Questions.
1. How much as a % of GDP should be the maximum a gov needs to run a country, including contigencies for natural disasters.
2. How much as a % should be the maximum any individual pays from their pocket for all taxes, levies and other associated legalised theft which goes to local, state and federal vaults. I asked this of a fed politician a couple of weeks ago and the response was silence and after a little thought he said there is no limit. And that my freinds is the fucken problem with all grey pollies and beauracrats they all think they know how to run our lives better with our money which they honestly believe they have some sort of entitlement to. Another levy tell these fuckers to get fucked. TonyB

Memphis Steve said...

I think most people object to a new tax, no matter what it's said to be for, because it inevitably gets raided and used for other shit that it was never intended to be used for.

Memphis Steve said...

Having said that, I did send money to help the flood victims.

Keiran said...

I don't think we should be feeding the beast additional money, so that it can achieve it's political goals in the election year.

Infrastructure rebuilding could be financed the same way they are financing everything else - burning the surplus and borrowing.

As for a permanent relief fund - cut waste, and use the savings.

Spiky Zora Jones said...

do a tel-a-thon. ask jerry lewis (the french worship him) to host it for you...and hopefully after 5 decades and after ga-zillion trillion billion dollars will get enough money funneled that way to start the project.

just saying...

phishez said...

I have to agree with you here Stephen. I'm happy to pay the levy. I'd give as much as I could, but at the moment I just can't give anything. So its like a layby plan, and it allows me to give more than I would have been able to in 1 lump sum.

Lana Banana said...

listen, i live in el lay. as in "it never rains in southern california" el lay. yeah.

i cannot, in any way, shape, or form, sympathize.

except in this way: last year, when the authorities thought a tornado (WTF?!?!) might touch down in orange county, i got an email telling me that in the event of a tornado touching down . . . i should take my class of 35 teenagers and lie down in the gutter.


'cause that's SO useful.

fuck off already.

if we did have a tornado, i would have told those kids to stay in the trailer that was supposed to pass for a classroom, bend over and kiss their collective adolescent asses goodbye.

all kidding aside: hope you and all of yours are well.

Memphis Steve said...

Would you be willing to accept a tag to do a VLog? It was actually more fun than it sounded at first. I think you'll have fun with this.