Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Current temp: 40.7°C

I know, I'm a soft city boy now, gone are the days of working as a geo out in the Western Desert where it was routinely 47 and occasionally it would touch 50 C yet you still put in a solid days work. But these days steeping out from the aircon into 40 something heat is stunning. It is an experience that is hard to describe - it's not like a sauna that you can get out of - everywhere you turn it is that same heat.
I'm looking at some photos a blog friend send me (thanks btw) of a backyard covered in snow that I want to fall into and spend all day making snow angels.

I'm limping a little, damaged by a surf session on Sunday at Avalon, where I got brutalised by the cyclone swell from the last storm that crosses the Qld coast. As I write this I'm playing my tongue across the chips in my teeth earned by being stupid enough not to close my mouth when I got barreled playing beyond my ability.

Meanwhile Yasi is knocking on the Queensland doorstep. This bastard is bigger than NSW:

(clickety click) - from here


Ute said...

HTFU princess! We had two days in a row with over 42c!

Having said that, I was reminded on Fartbook by a mate, that of course, it's even hotter in rural areas....like you, we lived through some hotter shit back up in the Far North, but now we're suburbanites, and have air con, our tough skin has gone all girly like and we are ghey.

Have I mentioned how I hate summer?

We have our cool change now. Thank fuck. *dances*

Meanwhile, I'll suck it up and thank the [insert relevant belief system here..] that we are safe and sound, and don't have to worry about floods and cyclones.
Queensland just can't get a break...

Lady Pants said...

Hey, Avalon! My old stomping ground. Was up there on sunday, actually. You could have had a rare Pants sighting.

I fucking hate cunting summer

xl said...

"HTFU princess!"

[high-five to Ute]

Fusion said...

I sure feel bad for Queenslanders, just one thing after another. That looks like a nasty storm for sure.

For years I lived in the desert region of California and worked for the parent company of 7-11 stores, stocking them for franchise owners. One day I was working while the monsoon season was kicking up the humidity and storms. Came out of stocking the deli cooler ( where the temp was 42f/5c) and stepped outside to throw away some trash (the temp was 120f/49c with the humidity around 90%) and it literally sucked the breath out of me as a thunderclap rang overhead. First and only time that ever happened and I still remember the feeling...

Spiky Zora Jones said...

Steve: hey shouldn't you be wearing a helmet with a face guard too.

Hotest I've ever been was in Las vegas and it was 115F-118F with a breeze that felt like my hair dryer. We walked from one casino to the other. I was in a bad mood (ready to kick someone's head off) till I walked into the casino we were staying in and found a $50 bill on the carpet...hello.

we spent the rest of the day in the pool...ahhhhhhhhh.

honey...be careful. m'kay.

. said...

you're welcome. And that's the front yard btw.