Tuesday, July 19, 2005

18 July 2005
Flying from Sydney to sanfrancisco for the web ct conference.

I Arrived in San Fran today after a very long day. On Sunday in Sydney before I left Alex, Annalise and I went for brunch down at Brazura in Coodgee. Very nice - Annalise was playing it up for the waitress, all smiles and giggles. Then off to the airport by 11:45 for a 13:45 flight that thankfully, left on time. 14 hours in a flying coke can surrounded by Americans packed into cattle class on united, arriving sf on Sunday around 9am. I caught a shuttle to the hotel then walked around sf for a few hours, grabbed some lunch and did a spot of shopping before finally passing out from exhaustion at 3. 30 hours without sleep.
I hope that Annalise and Daniel like the nemo and pooh bear stuff.

BTW: are signs that your hotel is poisonous common elsewhere in the world or is it only the Marriott that is killing us?

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