Thursday, July 21, 2005

more nothing

Day.. what is it?, three I think - perhaps 4, but who is counting. Nothing earth shattering, but that’s just fine when you are standing atop the San Andreas . Today was the first day of the conference proper. Nothing much to report from the conference but we did have a wonderful dinner at city hall (how Gothem is that) a lovely old building except that it was full of over a thousand delegates, mostly from around the states. I got stuck talking to a couple from South Dakota (not the hip younf couple standing next to them). SD has about the same population of Golburn. The Uni has about 500 students? That’s not even a small school. Hick, Hick, Hick-svill. I did however manage to sell Australian beer to an infedel non beliver - who would have thought that you could get a squires in San Fran???

Back to city hall. This is what 2000 people look like stuffed into a national monument:

Se ya all tomorrow

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