Thursday, July 14, 2005

A big hola to one and all. The first few posts here will simply be testing the waters - how to post, playing with the interface etc. I created the blog for two reasons:
- I work with the internet and my supposed skills with it are what feeds me. Part of my job is to evaluate technologies like blogs and wikies, and,
- I read quite a few blogs (I’ll sort out how to put up a blogroll sooner or later) and occasionally leave comments here and there. I think is more or less polite of me to give you a way to find out who I am.
I’m basically lazy, busy and lacking in creativity so don’t expect too much. I’ll probably just use it to post pictures to friends and family and legitimise my turning up at a Grogblog someday. But then again I’m a rabid green / red so I might get fired up about IR, liberals or right wing doings from time to time.

Naught else to say for now, drop by later.

Nuf Sed
Av Phun

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