Tuesday, January 23, 2007

I saw Shania up close

"Shania" (N720HT) the Erickson S-64 Air-Crane Helitanker came and visited the Uni yesterday taking a break from the fires to Sydney's north to put out what could have become a major fire in the Lane Cove Vally and West Pymble. It and another water bombing helicopter did about 5 trips to and from the university lake (big pond) and sucked enough water out that it no longer lapped over the spillway by about 3 feet.
The Fire was about 2 km from our house - Alex was at home and had the important papers and some kids cloths ready to go if they got evacuated.


Leesha said...

When I lived in Sydney (becuase it was that long ago) i had a "special things" box that I created one Christmas when I wasn't living at home. It had all my important things like expired drivers licenses, copies of my birth certificate, car rego... you know all the stuff you can never find in a hurry? The idea was that if I wasn't home and the word came through to evacuate, mum would be able to go there and grab it and I wouldn't feel like I ceased to exist if the house burnt down.

So I sort of know exactly what Alex was going through.

jennifer_starfall said...

wow. i'm glad all is well.

Marika said...

That's a little too close for comfort. Glad that it missed you guys.