Sunday, January 14, 2007

Kayak down Lane Cove River

I went for a bit of a paddle on Saturday. Putting in at at Delhi Rd, near the steakhouse and turning around just before Linley Point. It was a lovely afternoon, excepting that the only sunscreen that I could find was old and didn't work properly.

How was I to know you had to shake the bottle?


Marika said...

For a moment there it looked like the baby had taken the photo. Hah!

I feel your red, searing pain. Agent K did an open surf swim competition on Saturday and the stuff he put on his face was old, but the second layer of stuff he put just over his nose was fine. I keep telling him that two-tone is the new black. Can't recommend Garnier's after sun cream enough.

Leesha said...

nice purple pants.....
they go nicely with your zebra stripes!!!
Seriously though, they recommend you not only replace your sunscreen each season, but also shake well and apply liberally.

LauraDanielleDotN said...

two things:
- I love that Adrian is in the photo.
-What kind of kayak do you have?

unique_stephen said...

Thanks Leesha - I feel like such a dag

unique_stephen said...

Laura - I'm currently using a white water boat called a Dancer by perception. I am however waving up for one of these.