Wednesday, February 14, 2007

A post post

I did a post about a year ago that I think was one of my best.


nobody commented on it.

So I'm drawing attention to it here so you can all go and read it and tell me how wonderfully eclectic and clever I am or possibly just ask me who Eric Banner is.


Leesha said...

an extremely wonderful post!
So witty!
A clever use of modern scenarios when describing something int he past.

{ummm does that make me intelligent now??}

unique_stephen said...

It does, my ego has been fluffed, thanks

unique_stephen said...

oh, sorry, you were talking about you. Well I guess you can be intelligent too then.

Leesha said...

you should know by now that it is all about me...

LauraDanielleDotN said...

If I had been reading your blog last year, I would have said:

Hooray for greek mythology references, there are never enough in my life. You should write a book, Idiots Guide to Greek Mythology, so people can reference the stories in conversation and sound intelligent (all thanks to you).

GoAwayPlease said...

"My hits/day have reduced by about 10% off last year. And i know that I'm much more interesting to read now :-)"


We ALL know who Eric Banner is - he's Bruce Banner's brother.

PS: I could live withOUT James Gleason's work in front of me all the time.
I do have a lovely print of Leda & The Swan - forget artist -probably by Raphael or his contemporaries.
James Gleason wouldn't like it.

unique_stephen said...

The librarians came today to change the paintings. I asked for another Gleason