Monday, December 03, 2007

A big week

Randomness follows -

- got my job back.

- Alex is in the US for a week N.J., enjoy the cwaffie sweety.

- I've moved into the parents in Law's place for a week and my parents have moved into our flat whilst dad is getting radio for the cancer in his spine.

- I'm about to go to the gym and do a spin class whilst perving out the window at the Korean National Swimming team who are training in the university pool


LauraDanielleDotN said...

-Yay job back!
-I feel like Jen and I should stand at the airport in New Jersey with a sign that says "Alex" and then take her out for drinks.
-Wishing your dad luck!

My mom heard me listening to your Cat Stevens video and came running into my room. She wants to know if you are into the Foreigner Suite. I can't believe I'm relaying messages from my mom over the interweb.

Nina said...

a) glad you got your job back

b) all this stuff sounds chaotic, so I am also glad you have the energy to go to spin class and look at cute Koreans

I hope next week is less chaotic for you.

unique_stephen said...

laura, tell her yeah, but I'm more into "father and son" at the mo, what with having a 1 year old and dad waking up with cancer and all.

Also tell her I'm only 37 so any nostalgia I have for have for Cat is in competition with "when your happy and you know it clap your hands" and other tunes a 3 year old learns.

I found Cat in my teens on a ski trip when I made a compilation tape for the 8hr drive from my dad's vinyls. I had Nanci Sinatra - these boots are made for walking on the same tape.

jennifer starfall said...

hooray job!

why didn't you tell us alex was coming? i would have met her at the airport and said 'gas pedal' until she peed laughing.

good luck, dad.


Diego said...

Oh yeah, I meant to footnote the 'witches mail' thingie. When I was a child, Mum used to call her informal network within the family "el correo de las brujas". We just knew that anything we told her would be known by the extended family within minutes. It used to be that way with Alee and Inee, but somehow either I am not hearing about it, or Inee is not finding out (I think it is the former - there's been a lot of talk at home on some of the challenges both Inee and I are facing at our respective workplaces, so I am guessing that's why...)

unique_stephen said...

las brujas todavĂ­a hablan

Mark Lawrence said...

hey, glad you got your job back. very glad.