Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Access Denied

If you suddenly can't access your USB memory stick, camera, phone or other mass storage device, in my case the 500Gb external hard drive, and you are using an Acer machine then for the love of [pick a god] Go into into Control Panel >> Add or Remove Programs >> remove everything Acer especially the LanScope and then reboot.
No more dreaded "Administrator has prohibited access to USB/1394 mass storage devices"


Keiran said...

Why didn't you say Acer when you called me! If fact why didn't you say Acer before you bought the thing!

I would have said DON'T.

If you can buy a good brand name, then build it yourself (or get me to do it).

Acer is the company that used to rivet the motherboard to the case. Insanity.

babyoog said...

That sounds like a terrifying error message. Almost as bad as the blue screen of death.