Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Get your boots on

How could I not have known? Sunday 27th July 2008 is National Stepfamily Awareness Day.

Presumably it was preceded by Have an Affair Day

And that by How the Fuck did She Find Out Day

Piss off I'm Taking the Kids Day

See You in Court Day

How the Hell Did it All End Up in a Heap Like This Day


2nd Marriage Day


And finally next year March 6 - Remember the Alimony Day


fingers said...

You can buy a boxed set of cards for all those special days too.
They are all different on the outside but when you open them up they just say 'You Cunt !!!'...

babyoog said...

So very, very true, said the step-parent. :)

unique_stephen said...

fingers - I think I bought one of those form my mum once by mistake.

Ann - Did you do anything special?